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I’m contacting you on behalf of Artxxx: an online professional network for the arts and entertainment industry. I noticed your residency and I was wondering if it was ok with you if I mention this on Artxxx? I am sure that the Artxxx members will find this very interesting and relevant. There are NO COSTS and all posts published on Artxxx are also mentioned on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as in our weekly e-newsletter sent out to all our members.

Attached is a brief one pager of what we do. Let me know if this is something that interests you.

Julian xxxxxxxxxx

Customer Outreach


Attached pdf:

Connecting creative professionals through their achievements

What is

Artxxx is a next generation social job platform for the Arts and Entertainment industry where professionals, companies and employers can connect, communicate and easily exchange opportunities.

Showcasing work and finding professional opportunities is just the tip of the iceberg. More than just a job bank, Artxxx stimulates interdisciplinary connections, collaborations, and networking on a global scale.Connecting people in meaningful and innovative ways, Artxxx serves as a bridge for everyone in the arts.

The Artxxx tools:

For professionals:
– Get hired
– Get noticed
– Get recommended
– Manage your applications
– Build your network
– Showcase your talents

For companies:
– Hire the right talent
– Boost your visibility
– Easy to use and track
– Get candidate suggestions
– Preview candidates
– Streamline your recruiting
– Extended job offer life

Artxxx founder, Raphael xxxxxx

Having been raised in a family of independent professional musicians, I was propelled into the art industry at an early age. I’ve worked behind the scenes and on the production side of the arts where I’ve managed artists and launched major events and festivals.

Throughout my career, I’ve consistently been puzzled by the difficulties people face finding collaborators, jobs, and gigs in the art industry. It’s not that the initiatives or opportunities are absent, it’s that they are invisible: people working in the arts are lacking an efficient way of connecting with each other. Artxxx was created as an answer to stimulate professional networking in the arts.
– Raphael xxxxxxx, Artxxx, president & founder

Some statistics

– In just 6 months acquired over 4000 active professionals and over 900 companies.
– membership base is growing by 20% month over month
– 2000 to 2500 unique visitors per day on the Artxxx job listings.
– Spikes of 3000 to 5000 unique visitors following our weekly Job Digest newsletter
– 70% of members from Quebec, 20% from other Canadian provinces, 10% international
– Users from 41 countries are present on Artxxx

Companies on Artxxx include Cirque du Soleil, TV5, EA Games, Montreal Jazz Festival, Tiff, Rockstar Games and many others.

Contact info:

Christa x. xxxxxxxxx, BAA, MBA
Sales and Business Development
t: xxx.788.xxxx

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