[call for artists]

individually signed and numbered by the artist

Unknown artist?

The professional and successful way in promoting and selling art.

A museum high quality collectible bibliophile limited edition individual art book in a slipcase individually signed and numbered by the artist which optional also include an unique original sketch, drawing, photograph or print and a Business Reply Card.

The publishing package assumes a comprehensive and professional in every aspect unique hardcover art book published for collectors, art lovers and distribution through bookstore and ecommerce.

The minimum number of pages a book must have to use an ISBN number is 64. Each exemplar is authentically signed and numbered by the artist which optional could include an original sketch, drawing, photography or print that reflects the value of an art object.

We are not charging any additional fees besides the design and the printing cost and your or your sponsor financially participation is per book/copy. The price includes 1000 copies of a museum quality offset print book. By our net price agreement the artist buy at editing & printing cost 1000 copies of a bibliophile limited edition individual art book which is 10.81 Euro per one book copy (minimum number of pages). 100 copies will be sent to relevant and recognized art organizations entirely at the publisher’s discretion.

The price in bookstores and eCommerce ranges from $199 to $599 per copy depending on the exemplar number, autograph signature and uniqueness of the artwork included. Author Royalty is determined depending on the retail price, the distribution cost, the artist contribution and the publishing investment.

Materials to be received: quality image files, the work information: title, year, media, size, collection; writings or critics essays, statement, resume/CV; photos from early years to the present.

The primary marketing venue is the most important website selling books -Amazon.com. Other venues include the bookstore chains Borders, Banes & Noble and others affiliates in USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Australia and others. Check Amazon /Borders and order WOA books or select the link at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/-/e/xxxxxxxxx

If you are not able to download and fell the PDF Net Price Book Agreement form you can submit an e-mail letter to xxx publisher.

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