submit art for inclusion in xxxxxx volume 8

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Dear artist

Now we accept submissions for inclusion in International xxxxxxx xxxx volume 8 which will be released around the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014.

For inclusion in this volume you can pay in 11 installments ($ 89.54 per month) if you apply now and you are approved.

Please contact me for more information

or visit

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx – Assistant Curator

1907 xxxxxx Street

xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx CA


Tel & Fax +1 xxx xxx xxxx


Call to artists

The fourth volume of “Featured Artists” art book is in editing process and a juried committee of art critics and curators are selecting the best international artists who will present their works in it.

The book will present the latest trends of visual arts as they are evolving all over the world, offering an exploring artistic journey to innovative techniques and forms of expression to a wider audience of art collectors and art aficionados.

Established and emerging contemporary artists are invited to submit their work for selection.

All media are accepted for inclusion and early submissions are recommended.


“Featured Artists” is distributed internationally through large book wholesalers and online shops such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more.

Moreover, the book is distributed to over 1200 top galleries, museums, art curators and art consultants in the U.S and in Europe too.


When the editing process is over, the jurors’ committee will select two of the best artworks submitted in the book and they will be presented in the front and the back cover of the book without charge.

More information about the publication is available in the following link:

We look forward to receiving your work.

Best regards
Peter xxxxxx

xxxxxxxx publishing
US office 15 xxxxxxx Rd. xxxxxxx xx xxxxx
Europe office 16-18, St xxxxxxxxxx 142 32, Athens Greece

call for artists [artists of today]

Art xxxxxxxxx Online Gallery
Subsequent editions: 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006.
Submit your works to

Artists are invited to apply for the 11th edition of the ARTISTS OF TODAY Online Art Annual Of Contemporary Art. The competition is open to all artists and is judged solely by visuals submitted online or attachment. All accepted works that pass the screening will entry into competition and will be exhibited 12 months beginning with the date of the inclusion.

The screening
The screening is conducted by submitting Jpeg [.JPG] image files versions of the submitted works inline or attachment. Submitters whose entries pass the screening will be notified by e-mail indicating that the works are included in exhibition.

Materials to be received
Applicants may enter minimum 4 works and maximum 12 works submitted inline or attachment send to along with the works details.

Complete the entry form
Entries without a fully completed entry form will not be accepted. If you are not able to feel the PDF application form you can submit a letter that includes: name, country, number of the works submitted, the method of entry fee payment.

Image Size and Resolution
Submit the exhibition 4 -12 image files / JPG 72 dpi / 800 pix along the work title, year, medium, size and price.

If the works are selected you will be asked to provide the entry fee of Euro 50 (or equivalent currency) for 4 works and Euro 10 for each additional work one-year on display beginning with the date of the inclusion. Payment by PayPal, WU and direct transfer in account.

– Grand Prize: One Artist will be awarded two-pages in Art xxxxxxxxx 100 Contemporary Artists collective art books series edited by xxx publishing. Award value US$4,490.00.
– Prize of Excellence: Two Artists will be awarded one-page in in Art xxxxxxxxx 100 Contemporary Artists collective art books series edited by xxx publishing. Award value $2,250.00 /each.
– Honorable Mention: Selected artists will be awarded for Diploma of Excellence (Honorable Award)
We send out a monthly [digital] files of artists in our displays to very important customers, collectors and art lovers interested in buying art. If art buyers are interested in purchasing any artwork featured on Art Addiction, they need to contact the gallery via e-mail*

One-year beginning with the date of the inclusion.

Submit today. Your works will be exposed one-year beginning with the date of the inclusion.

Submit your works to
If your work is chosen as a winner then we will need the pictures at print resolution for publication in our collective art books.

Art xxxxxxxxx Online Gallery History
Art xxxxxxxxx Online Gallery is probably world’s oldest art website!
In August 1991 Sir Tim xxxxxxx-xxx created the first website.
In June 1992 Art xxxxxxxxx launched the first ever online art gallery
Art xxxxxxxxx curate 54 int’l exhibitions and exposed over 6000 fine artists
* Art xxxxxxxxx Online Gallery is not responsible for the selling or shipping of the artist’s works, all financial transactions are strictly between the customer and the artist.

[call for artists]

individually signed and numbered by the artist

Unknown artist?

The professional and successful way in promoting and selling art.

A museum high quality collectible bibliophile limited edition individual art book in a slipcase individually signed and numbered by the artist which optional also include an unique original sketch, drawing, photograph or print and a Business Reply Card.

The publishing package assumes a comprehensive and professional in every aspect unique hardcover art book published for collectors, art lovers and distribution through bookstore and ecommerce.

The minimum number of pages a book must have to use an ISBN number is 64. Each exemplar is authentically signed and numbered by the artist which optional could include an original sketch, drawing, photography or print that reflects the value of an art object.

We are not charging any additional fees besides the design and the printing cost and your or your sponsor financially participation is per book/copy. The price includes 1000 copies of a museum quality offset print book. By our net price agreement the artist buy at editing & printing cost 1000 copies of a bibliophile limited edition individual art book which is 10.81 Euro per one book copy (minimum number of pages). 100 copies will be sent to relevant and recognized art organizations entirely at the publisher’s discretion.

The price in bookstores and eCommerce ranges from $199 to $599 per copy depending on the exemplar number, autograph signature and uniqueness of the artwork included. Author Royalty is determined depending on the retail price, the distribution cost, the artist contribution and the publishing investment.

Materials to be received: quality image files, the work information: title, year, media, size, collection; writings or critics essays, statement, resume/CV; photos from early years to the present.

The primary marketing venue is the most important website selling books Other venues include the bookstore chains Borders, Banes & Noble and others affiliates in USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Australia and others. Check Amazon /Borders and order WOA books or select the link at Amazon

If you are not able to download and fell the PDF Net Price Book Agreement form you can submit an e-mail letter to xxx publisher.

call for artists

Guidelines is pleased to invite all fine artists to the 2nd online xxxxxxxxx of Contemporary Art 24 months on display. xxxxxxxxx is a major contemporary art contest that takes place online at once every two years. The call for entries for the 2nd xxxxxxxxx of Contemporary Art is open to works of any genre.

The selection

The screening is conducted on Jpeg [.JPG] versions of the submitted works online. Submitters whose entries pass the screening are included in exhibition and are requested to provide the entry fee payment.

Works size

Submit minimum 6 / maximum 12 artwork, digital files sized to 800 pix (28 cm. /11″ on the large side) 72 dpi, Jpeg [.JPG] created within the last 5 years. Entries must include your name, the title of the artwork, year, medium, and price. The works submitted must be the sole creation of the exhibiting artist.

All submissions must be mailed to The works you submit can be sold during the exhibition.

Application fee

There is a US$ 80 /EUR 50 entry fee for 6 works and US$ 15 /EUR 10 for each additional work. Payments by Direct Transfer on account, by PayPal and by Western Union. Submitters whose pass the screening only.

Awards offers a Grand Prize (Award value EUR 4,900), two Awards of Distinction (Award value EUR 2,450 each) and 65 Award of Distinction (Diploma of Excellence). Other awards will be announced
– Grand Prize: One artist will be awarded two-pages in ‘ARTISTS OF TODAY /Contemporary Artists’ a quality art book for collectors, galleries, museums, dealers and art lovers, who seek the latest trends in the art world.

– Awards of Distinction: Two artists will be awarded one-page in ‘ARTISTS OF TODAY /Contemporary Artists’.

– Honorable Mention: 65 Artists will be selected for Diploma of Excellence

Sale of Works

Works must be for sale, and may not be removed until the close of the biennial. When sold, 10% of the sale price will be retained by If accepted, it is the artists responsibility to be sure the artwork is available.

Exhibition period

The event will run 2011/2012, two-years beginning with the date of the inclusion.

Exhibition venue

Online at


The earlier the better. xxxxxxxxx better than Venice Biennial! We send out a monthly [digital] files of artists in our displays to over 100,000 subscribers and to very important customers, collectors and art lovers interested in buying art.

Act now!

Call for inclusion in International Contemporary Artists art book

xxx Publishing is accepting submissions for the third volume of International Contemporary Artists. This publication will feature works which offer a unique sensibility and approach to art. It will be an exploring journey to painting, photography, sculpture and other media with the most talented artists all over the world creating works and experimenting with new innovating techniques.

This book will provide an in-depth look at global culture of visual arts, appealing to established and emerging artists opening out the world of visual arts to a wider audience.

A juried committee has already started reviewing the submitted works on an ongoing basis and selecting the best works that will be presented in the book.

All media are accepted and early submissions are recommended.

All artists interested in participating should send 4-5 images of their work in jpg format and a short statement or essay, no more than 100 words by email.

The book will be published in the end of October.

Further information about the book can be found here:

If you want to submit your work or if you have any questions about xxxxx Publishing, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to receiving your work.

Best regards
Julia xxxxxx
Assistant curator

xxxxx Publishing
US: xxx xxxxxxxxxx Avenue, New York, NY, 10168, US
EU: xxxxxx xxxxxx, xxx xxxxxxxxx Avenue, Athens 115 27, GR

Artxxx: Connecting creative professionals


I’m contacting you on behalf of Artxxx: an online professional network for the arts and entertainment industry. I noticed your residency and I was wondering if it was ok with you if I mention this on Artxxx? I am sure that the Artxxx members will find this very interesting and relevant. There are NO COSTS and all posts published on Artxxx are also mentioned on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as in our weekly e-newsletter sent out to all our members.

Attached is a brief one pager of what we do. Let me know if this is something that interests you.

Julian xxxxxxxxxx

Customer Outreach


Attached pdf:

Connecting creative professionals through their achievements

What is

Artxxx is a next generation social job platform for the Arts and Entertainment industry where professionals, companies and employers can connect, communicate and easily exchange opportunities.

Showcasing work and finding professional opportunities is just the tip of the iceberg. More than just a job bank, Artxxx stimulates interdisciplinary connections, collaborations, and networking on a global scale.Connecting people in meaningful and innovative ways, Artxxx serves as a bridge for everyone in the arts.

The Artxxx tools:

For professionals:
– Get hired
– Get noticed
– Get recommended
– Manage your applications
– Build your network
– Showcase your talents

For companies:
– Hire the right talent
– Boost your visibility
– Easy to use and track
– Get candidate suggestions
– Preview candidates
– Streamline your recruiting
– Extended job offer life

Artxxx founder, Raphael xxxxxx

Having been raised in a family of independent professional musicians, I was propelled into the art industry at an early age. I’ve worked behind the scenes and on the production side of the arts where I’ve managed artists and launched major events and festivals.

Throughout my career, I’ve consistently been puzzled by the difficulties people face finding collaborators, jobs, and gigs in the art industry. It’s not that the initiatives or opportunities are absent, it’s that they are invisible: people working in the arts are lacking an efficient way of connecting with each other. Artxxx was created as an answer to stimulate professional networking in the arts.
– Raphael xxxxxxx, Artxxx, president & founder

Some statistics

– In just 6 months acquired over 4000 active professionals and over 900 companies.
– membership base is growing by 20% month over month
– 2000 to 2500 unique visitors per day on the Artxxx job listings.
– Spikes of 3000 to 5000 unique visitors following our weekly Job Digest newsletter
– 70% of members from Quebec, 20% from other Canadian provinces, 10% international
– Users from 41 countries are present on Artxxx

Companies on Artxxx include Cirque du Soleil, TV5, EA Games, Montreal Jazz Festival, Tiff, Rockstar Games and many others.

Contact info:

Christa x. xxxxxxxxx, BAA, MBA
Sales and Business Development
t: xxx.788.xxxx